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Advanced Biology 2nd Edition (Self-Paced)

Time limit: 365 days

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Full course description

This is the self-paced version of Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition. Your student will complete this self-paced course via the Self-Paced by Apologia portal on the Canvas platform. When registering for this product please register with the name and email address of your student. 


Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition, is a college-prep course that provides an advanced study of the human body’s 11 organ systems. This edition has updated discussions and photographs, as well as new content.  If a student completes the entire course, including documenting in a lab notebook all of the labs, experiments, and dissections, it can be counted as an honors course.


Special Notes:

  • This is the online, self-paced version that is completed via the Apologia Self-Paced portal on the Canvas platform.
  • The one-year access to this course begins at time of purchase.
  • You will not receive any physical copies of the textbook, MP3 Audio CD, or the Solutions and Tests Manual. These items are incorporated into the self-paced portal.
  • The Student Notebook for this course is highly recommended. You may purchase that by clicking here.
  • Prerequisites: Biology & Chemistry
  • Recommended Grade: 12


The self-paced version of Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition, offers one-year access from the date of purchase to the following features:

  • Full online curriculum text of Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition, authored by Marilyn Shannon and Rachael Yunis This is the digital version of the textbook. You will NOT receive a physical copy of the textbook.
  • An audio reading of the text that your student can select to enhance online reading. You will NOT receive a physical copy of the MP3 Audio CD.
  • The Video Instruction course material, featuring Sherri Seligson as the instructor, integrated into the daily assignments. This is the same material included in the Video Instruction Thumb Drive for Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition. You will NOT receive a physical copy of the Video Instruction Thumb Drive.
  • Easy-to-do at-home experiments from the textbook that are also featured in the video instruction.
  • On Your Own and Study Guide materials are the same as those in the print version of the textbook. The Self-Paced portal provides answers to these questions.
  • Unique tests complete with automatic grading Note: AutoGrade+ content is included for the first student taking this course, if you choose to use this course with multiple students, you can purchase additional AutoGrade+ testing materials here.
  • Desktop and mobile access


This homeschool high school human body course covers both the anatomy and physiology of each of the human body’s organ systems for those students who have successfully completed high school biology and chemistry classes. It is recommended for 12th grade, although it could be taken earlier if the science prerequisites are met. When fully completed, this course can be listed as honors and/or an advanced course on high school transcripts. You can rest assured that the subject matter covered in this course is rigorous enough to prepare students for college-level work. Please note that the reproductive system is covered in detail, including accurate yet respectful illustrations and descriptions.


This study will introduce the organizational levels of the human body from a single cell to the 11 major organ systems. 

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Refund Policy:
  • Before purchase, please be sure you have read the browser and system requirements for Canvas, the platform on which Apologia Self-Paced is built. If you are unsure if you meet these requirements, please try the free demo of any Self-Paced course.
  • Any Self-Paced purchase is eligible for cancellation/refund if the request is made within 30 days with Module 1 use only. Please email with your refund request.

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