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Significant Figures & Precision (Self-Paced) is a Course

Significant Figures & Precision (Self-Paced)

Time limit: 365 days

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This is a supplemental course designed to prepare students in mathematical principles required to succeed in Chemistry or Physics classes. Students may take the course before or while currently enrolled in Chemistry or Physics. Students will be introduced to concepts involving measurements and rounding as used in a scientific laboratory. As a primer, this course is shorter than a traditional course and is perfect for taking during the summer before or concurrently with chemistry or physics. All elements of this course are self-paced, and students may retake assignments as needed to further their comprehension. When registering for this product please register with the name and email address of your student. 


  • Return Policy -  Account is eligible for cancellation/refund if request is made within 30 days with Module 1 use only. Please email with your request.
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